Performance and Dyno Tuning

Are you looking to increase torque or horsepower? Or do you want to make sure you’re getting the best out of your engine? We can help!

At Blackburn Automotive Repairs, we can carry out dyno tuning and performance tuning to improve your car’s performance. Located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we service a range of areas including Blackburn, Box Hill, Mitcham, Doncaster and more.

All types of cars can benefit from dyno tuning. For new cars, factory tuning can be conservative to reduce fuel consumption or miss-tuned as a result of inconsistencies in the production line.

Cars that have recently had customisations done or components replaced may also require tuning to ensure the engine is appropriately calibrated to allow for the new parts.

Our team of expert mechanics and technicians can provide performance and dyno tuning for a wide range of vehicle makes and models including Subaru, Holden, Ford, Audi, BMW and other makes. We can also provide specialist diesel dyno tuning and motorcycle dyno tuning.

With our dyno tuning system, road driving conditions can be safely and effectively replicated while adjustments are made and measured to achieve maximum torque, power and engine efficiency. With professional dyno tuning we can also check the accuracy of the speedometer, diagnose faults, safely perform engine run-ins in controlled conditions, calibrate upgrade kits and more.

Whether you’re looking to increase the life of your engine and improve fuel efficiency or you want to maximise horsepower and torque for a custom street machine, the team at Blackburn Automotive Repairs is ready to help.

Dyno Tuning Melbourne

Other Services

At Blackburn Automotive Repairs we offer a wide range of car repair services for all types of vehicles. From log book servicing to complete engine reconditioning and rebuilds, from turbo rebuilds to cylinder head reconditioning, we have the best mechanics in Melbourne ready to handle the job.

We also have a highly qualified team of transmission specialists and diesel mechanics who can take care of all your specialist gearbox and diesel engine work.

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